Welcome to the Ancillary

Find your way here from www.catpetterpro.com? Sorry, that was kind of a dirty trick for Psi to play on you, but rest assured, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the Ancillary, the alternate reality of Echo Feedback.

Echo Feedback is a game that’s been in development for a little over 2 months, slated to be released some time later in 2018. The previously mentioned demo is meant to act as an optional prequel to the events of the full game (and a means for players to trick their friends into joining the fun, under the guise of a simple cat-petting simulator).

The game takes place in the Ancillary, a reality accessible only through the player’s computer… and you aren’t alone. Numerous others have been similarly trapped, forced to inhabit biological “Avatars” in order to help the “Residents” of the Ancillary to translate and decipher a mysterious book they found.

What secrets does the book hold?

What is the end-goal of the Residents? What do they hope to achieve?

Why do most of the Avatars eventually succumb to madness?

Just who the hell is Justin Bento?

Information lies scattered both within and without the Ancillary, so keep your eyes peeled — clues could pop up in unexpected places.

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